For many years I am involved in growing cacti and flowering stones. A wonderful hobby that gives great satisfaction and relaxation. From March to December, there is always something in the greenhouse that blooms. It starts with the early flowering cacti and finally the Lithops and Conophytums. And especially seeding is one of the most beautiful parts of this hobby. Looking for new species to order is a pleasure in itself already. And it ‘s always exciting what germinates of the ordered species. And slowly but surely one gets the experience how to handle the wide variety of species. A few years ago I also started growing South African geophytes (bulbs, tubers and rhizomes). A welcome addition to the existing range. And after a botanical trip with Cameron McMaster through the Eastern Cape province in South Africa, I have specialized in some very special families of geophytes. Every year I sow a fair amount of species. So every year I have a limited supply of special bulbs. (See Activities) I am an amateur grower and certainly not a commercial company! However, I grow a lot of species that otherwise have little or no sale. My specialty is the genus Cyrtanthus and extensive information and pictures can be found on the Cyrtanthus page. I make pictures of my flowering plants and I do like that a lot. And with the best images I create PowerPoint presentations. These presentations I can give throughout the Netherlands. You will find more information on the page Lectures. For additional information and reservations you can always contact me about this.

Hans Huizing

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